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Sisterhood & Brotherhood Thrive

by Matt Mattson

There is one thing I know for sure amidst all this chaos related to the Coronavirus: SISTERHOOD AND BROTHERHOOD WILL THRIVE NO MATTER WHAT.

I want to offer a note of appreciation to sorority/fraternity professionals in our industry who, along with doing their everyday regular jobs (which they’re wildly underpaid and underappreciated for) are now somehow supposed to be emergency virus response managers. You all are doing great!

In that spirit, we want to be helpful.

1) We will adapt to continue delivering education whether your university doors are open or not. Here are our digital delivery options (and contact your phavorite Phired Up phriend with questions).

2) We will volunteer to host group calls, digital strategy sessions, or trainings for professionals should we all need to get creative about how to help students join fraternities and sororities this fall. We just want to be helpful, and we’ll do what we need to do to help everyone through this situation.

We’re ready to help. This doesn’t just mean “selling you things.” We know you know that, but it’s important to say. We want to be helpful in any way we can during this time that is certainly challenging for students, professionals, and volunteers.

Stay healthy and stay Phired Up!


Phired Up and TechniPhi are prepared to deliver all educational services digitally, all of our technology is stable, and our team is preparing to support alternative recruitment strategies (if necessary) due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19.

First and foremost, we are concerned about the safety of the students, professionals, and volunteers that make up the fraternity/sorority industry. Nothing is more important than their health and safety. The same goes for our Phired Up and TechniPhi staff. We are 100% committed to being smart and cautious. We are, of course, listening to scientists for our advice.

Phired Up is fully prepared to deliver our education and strategy services from a distance. This link outlines our digital services.¬†We know students want to keep learning and (and preparing to find the RIGHT members for their chapters) and in our modern world, there should be no reason we can’t deliver powerful education and strategy services.

Phired Up and TechniPhi are engaged in creative discussions internally and with industry stakeholders with the intention of finding creative, modern, and appropriate means for fraternities and sororities to continue to grow and thrive no matter the type of learning happening at colleges and universities. If students are engaged in higher education this fall, then Phired Up and TechniPhi are committed to helping them find fraternities and sororities.

Questions? Contact Matt Mattson (matt@phiredup.com) or Branden Stewart (branden@phiredup.com)