Three Keys To Summer Fraternity Recruitment

By Taylor Deer

In my experience, your chapter either loves summer recruitment or you have absolutely no idea what “summer recruitment” is.

Summer Recruitment is like air conditioning, once you’ve lived with it, you’ll never want to go another day without it. So in this blog I want to open your eyes to the benefits of meeting people and building relationships from right now, until school begins. By doing so, your chapter gets to be the first upperclassmen that new students meet, thus giving you a head start on building relationships with them. By the time school begins, you already will have a group of people that are interested in joining your organization before the recruitment process even starts.

If you do fall recruitment just like you did last year, you’re going to get the same results (depending on enrollment size). Add summer recruitment into the mix, and not only are you getting those same members, but you are also adding more people that you wouldn’t have met through that process.

Here are three different sources on your campus that your chapter can partner with in order to meet more people and build more relationships over the summer.

1) Admissions Office

  • Using a Scholarship: Chapters across the country are partnering with their Admissions Office to gain access to the annual accepted students list of their university. Chapters are sending out a scholarship opportunity through their office to all incoming students. They may get the lists themselves and call perspective students over the summer to offer a scholarship or to help give tours around campus before school begins. Fraternities were designed to be good hosts for their campuses, so this can be a perfect fit! The object is to make students feel like they have a place to go if they need support, not just to recruit more people into your organization.

2) High Schools

  • Guidance Counselors: Chapters ask their members to return to their old high schools to visit their guidance counselors to ask for a list of students that plan on attending their University. They don’t do this because they want to “recruit” people into their chapter, but because they want to help students from their hometowns get oriented to campus. Many chapters send out a scholarship application to the students or offer them a chance to visit campus a bit early to show them around.
  • Presentations: Other chapters have been known to give presentations to the group of students that plan on attending their University so that they know about the school before they attend. Many of them get involved in their school’s student ambassador program and get paid to do it!

3) Orientation

  • OA’s/RA’s: Being involved in the orientation staff or residence hall staff gives you the chance to welcome students to campus. You will be the first face that they put to the university and most likely make a ton of new friends in the process.
  • Volunteering at events: Orientation week typically has a ton of events throughout the first few weeks of school. All new students typically have to go to them. Ask your orientation office (well ahead of time) if they could use any help at any of the events. Its very easy to make friends while passing out T-shirts or giving tours to new students. Again this gives you the chance to be the first person they associate with the University, and give you a chance to meet a ton of new students in the process.

Just adding one or two of these ideas into your summer recruitment strategy should help you bring in even better results with recruitment this Fall! Interested in checking out even more summer recruitment ideas? Check out a recent blog by Vince Fabra, or read our Summer Recruitment Collection.