The Three Stone Ring

by Josh Orendi

When a man gives his sweetheart a 3 stone ring, it’s a symbol of their past, present, and future together as a couple. These rings have become popular as engagement rings, anniversary presents, Valentine’s gifts, and occasionally as a way to get out of the dog house when he really screws up.

The 3 stone approach that means so much to many girlfriends and wives, also works as a great way to help people understand your sorority. [Although giving out diamond rings might initially attract more members, this is not what we're talking about.] Does this sound familiar?

Potential New Member: Tell me about your sorority.
Sister: Uh. Umm, like ” oh my god, I would like die for my sisters. This sorority is like totally different than all the other ones. Our girls are so sweet and nice and cute. You would totally love it ” seriously “

It’s embarrassing, we know. These are great members that are stumbling all over themselves to explain the organization that means the world to them. Here’s how you can use the 3 Stones to help your members answer this basic question and others like it.

Potential New Member: Tell me about your sorority.

  • (past) We were founded at Eastern Michigan in 1899 and have nearly 80 chapters on campuses across the country.
  • (present) This chapter has 63 members. We pride ourselves in being active, self-reliant, trustworthy women who value service, leadership, and academic excellence.
  • (future) We are focused on identifying the 26 best women on campus for our new member class.
  • (loop) What type of sorority experience are you looking for?

Now that’s a past, present, and future answer that will make a lasting impression. Notice that the “loop” is a question that brings your answer full circle back to her. Take a moment to create a 3 Stone answer for your sorority.





The 3 Stone technique can be a real gem (excuse the bad pun) if it’s a natural response for your members. Like most things, a little practice will go a long way. That being said, I think you’ll find that most women will immediately see the value in accepting the 3 stones (wink-wink). Happy Recruiting!


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