The System Works…


by Matt Mattson 

The system works… if you work the system.

I just got a note on Facebook from a chapter leader at the University of Miami in Florida that absolutely made my day. And it proved that the system works, no matter the circumstances, if you work the system

The system I'm talking about, of course, is Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment System. Whether you learned it by reading Good Guys or I Heart Recruitment, or you learned it through one of Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment Workshops, simply learning it doesn't do you much good… you have to DO IT!

So, this chapter at UMiami as a group of 9 guys. After some intense training and hard introspection, the chapter grew to 25 men in one semester! Plus, they found a way to consistently drive a high quantity of POTENTIAL MEMBERS to chapter so they could choose from among more men which gives them higher QUALITY members as well. 

Now that's a success story (for other success stories, click here).

But it wouldn't be a success story if they hadn't worked the system. The truth is that getting the recruitment results you want (and subsequently the organizational performance you dream of) comes from some hard work on your part. Because so many people are now learning about Dynamic Recruitment through our training and publications, I thought I’d offer a quick TO DO list for those first days after you've learned the principles. 

If these suggestions confuse you, check out one of our books for more info.

Immediate TO DO List for Dynamic Recruitment Results

  • Gather Your Horses. Start by gathering your horses. Start a “Round Table.” Stop wasting your time on the mules in the chapter and ride the strength of your thoroughbreds.
  • Write It Down. What's your chapter's plan? How will you use the 6 Cylinders (men) / 5 Secrets (women) to grow your list? Who will do what by when? Write the plan down or you've got nothing.
  • Fill Up Your List. Remember, you can't recruit who you don't know. Start by gathering as many NAMES as possible. Don't just rely on rush to do this for you. Don't forget about referrals, summer recruitment, membership drives, marketing for names, and member positioning.
  • Be Normal. Once you get some names, don't scare them away with your bizarre “Greek” traditions. O.K., they may not be bizarre to us as Greeks, but they are to the people that matter when it comes to recruitment — non-Greeks. Be normal. Do small activities.
  • Pre-Close. Use the magical tactic that gets 100% bid acceptance.
  • Keep Re-Filling the List. Don't foget to ask the MAGIC QUESTION that can double the size of your names list. Do you remember what it is?
  • Teach the System. You're not just looking for one-time wham, bam, thank-you-ma’am success. You're looking to build a consistent, repeatable system for long-term results. Teach your members the ways of the Dynamic Recruiters. Incorporate into your membership education curriculum.

Probably the most important advice to follow immediately after you've learned about Dynamic Recruitment is… DO SOMETHING. Seriously, just start somewhere. So often people see this new system and get overwhelmed by the possibilities — then they don't know where to start. Doesn't matter. Start somewhere. Pick something you liked and just try it. Start talking about what you've learned with someone. Just get started.

We recently had a post on our Facebook Group, RECRUITMENT IDEAS & SUCCESS STORIES. A member of Alpha Sigma Phi from the University of Toledo who had just experienced a Dynamic Recruitment Workshop noted:

“thanks guys…. i can't even begin to tell you how much i got out of your presentation…..i think you really opened our eyes to so many possibilities…i know my head is just going crazy right now…all my roommates were drinking and i was busy explaining recruitment plans HAHA… good stuff guys…you could really make an impact on the greek system with this…”

Perfect! Just start talking about it and doing the little things… then watch the magic of the system take hold.

The system works if you work the system. 

Go get ‘em!

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