The Secret Tactic For Getting People to Join Your Group

by Matt Mattson

careWant to know the top secret tactic to get people to join your group?  Want to know how to really trick someone into agreeing to membership in your organization?  Want to know the evil technique we teach the best recruiters?

Here it is…


Actually care about people when you talk to them.

Really be interested in them. Learn from them. Be concerned about them.  Be really, genuinely kind to them.

Care about people because it is the kind, values-based, human thing to do (not so you can recruit them).


That’ll trick ‘em for sure.

People join people.  There are no magic word-packages, no perfectly manipulating interview questions, no cheerful door chants, no excellent house tours, no skits, no t-shirts, no put-the-pretty-girls-in-front tactics, no awesome events, no catchy slogans, no professional branding campaigns, no cons, and no ruses that work.  People join people.  And they’re much more likely to join people that actually care about them than otherwise.

So try it out this semester. Let us know if it works.