The One Measurement of Recruitment Performance

by Matt Mattson

frequency-of-contactWant to recruit ridiculously well this year?  There are lots of things we could teach you that would help you do that. But you want a simple, easy-to-remember, results-producing idea that will really get results, don’t you?  O.K. I’ll give it to you.  Do this one thing this year and you’ll experience a higher quantity of higher quality people who desire to be a part of your organization.

Here’s what you do.

1. Measure how many “points of contact” your members normally have with non-members.

2. Increase that number.

That’s it.  I truly believe recruitment success might come down to something as simple as what I call, “FREQUENCY OF CONTACT .”  How frequently do your members talk with, E-mail, text, shake hands with, eat lunch with, invite, ask questions of, engage in 1-on-1 meetings with, walk together to class with, call, interview, present to, wave “hi” to, or have a real meaningful conversation with non-members ? If you increase your members’ frequency of contact with non-members, you’ll get better recruitment results.

That might sound really overly simplified.  Whatever. Just try it.  See what happens.

More Contact = More High Quality Members.