The Biggest COB We've Ever Had

“The Largest COB We’ve Ever Had”

by Kenny White

Meet Cammy Park, a rising junior at Florida State University and a proud sister of Alpha Gamma Delta!

I had the chance to chat with Cammy about her chapter’s COB success and how she was able to lead those efforts.

Cammy first got involved with recruitment and the COB process by joining her Chapter’s COB committee while she was the Director of Merchandise. This prepared her to take on the VP of Recruitment role this past year.

Cammy’s chapter had used ChapterBuilder in the past and they had done a solid job with COB, but she saw an opportunity to take their COB game to the next level.

And that’s exactly what she did.

ChapterBuilder was never historically an integral part of her chapter’s COB process. It was used here and there, but more so as an accessory. Cammy changed that. ChapterBuilder became the centerpiece for their COB growth. She learned the system and executed it with excellence.

Information. Organization. Communication.

That’s what ChapterBuilder allowed Cammy and her team to do.

It allowed her and her team to see inside of the relationships that were happening with 100% of the 100+ potential members they were communicating with. She could see who they’ve interacted with, where they were at in the relationship cycle, what the next steps were, and how they aligned with Alpha Gamma Delta.

She was able to send out mass, individualized text messages to engage potential members and she set her team up for success by assigning specific follow up tasks for each potential member.

Since this became the core of their recruitment process and not an accessory, Cammy and her team made sure to meet and gameplan regularly to work through relationships on ChapterBuilder.

All of this provided Alpha Gamma Delta with more clarity, more consistency, and more insight on their potential members and where they needed to focus their recruitment efforts. They were able to visualize and understand where they were excelling in the relationship process and where they were losing women. This allowed them to capitalize and change tactics accordingly.

During Cammy’s time in her chapter, she has only ever heard of her chapter recruiting a COB class of 19 women. With the intentional use of ChapterBuilder to manage hundreds of relationships, her chapter was able to welcome 25 women into their Spring 2020 COB new member class!

Cammy admitted to what we hear a lot. She said at first ChapterBuilder can look intimidating, but the moment she was trained on it and worked through it herself, she knew it was going to be a valuable system.

A system is only as good as how you use it. ChapterBuilder as a recruitment system was an integral part of Cammy and her team’s COB process, and they were successful because they put in the effort to work the system well. ChapterBuilder wasn’t a way for them to do less work. It was a way for them to manage their relationships and joining process so that they could put more of the right women into their chapter.

Now more than ever, a system is vital to recruitment success. Shoutout to Cammy and her team for a job well done!

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