The Future of Fraternity and Sorority Depends on Strong Advisors

by Taylor Deer

The future of Fraternity and Sorority lies within finding, recruiting, and training, excellent advisors.

College aged men and women need relatable, charismatic, and knowledgeable leadership from people who are a little bit older and wiser. These folks are often a walking example that life goes on after college, and that these four years shape who you are for the rest of your life. Ideally, we are talking about someone who is young enough to know what a cell phone is and old enough to know that it still calls people; someone who is wise enough to know that a tomato is a fruit, but that it doesn’t belong in a fruit salad; and someone who understands that character is more than just an actor on Netflix.

Advisors should know that values live in action, not on paper. And understand that the tremendous gifts of fraternity are not bought, they are learned, self-made, and given to others. The best advisors are the ones who believe that the world needs better fathers, sons, friends, mentors, and role models, not just more people to use their success to buy a bigger boat. They believe that that the world needs fraternity and sorority to be great. Right now.

Does that sound like you?


It’s cool. Relax.

Nowhere in that paragraph did it mention being “perfect” or “expert”. College aged men and women don’t need perfection because they are already surrounded by it. What they need is a trail-guide, a person who is just a few steps ahead of them on their journey. Someone who has been on that path before and knows the turns and hazards coming up along their way. You don’t have to be Bear Grylls. Most students don’t even know the basics, and they’re lost. Therefore, they don’t need to know how to jump out of a plane, parachute down, and survive on a deserted island. They’re still learning to read the map, trying to figure out what direction they’re headed in, and if that’s the right way to go.

That’s not the student’s fault, it just happens to be where they are in their development. They can’t be a trail expert until they’ve walked the path a few times. That’s where you come in. You’ve been down this path before, or at least a path like it. By using your own experience, you have the power to help them through their journey.

Whether you were chosen to be an advisor, or you just happen to be the only person around, these young students need you. They need you to be great. In the crazy Greek world we live in, there is no room for “okay” advisors anymore. We are here to help you become the experts in the room, even if you think you have no business claiming that expertise.

We are creating a model for recruitment advising. One that helps you guide a chapter’s recruitment efforts. You are likely the only person on the inside of that organization who has a fully developed brain, and we’d like to use it to its fullest.

This is going to be the first in a series of blogs that will help advisors guide their chapters in the world of undergraduate recruitment. Not only will we be teaching the basics of the latest and greatest of undergraduate recruitment, but we will also finally be adding some intentionality and structure to advising a chapter’s recruitment process.

Do the world a favor. Pass this blog onto someone who would be a great role model for young men and women. Even if they don’t believe it themselves. Fraternity and sorority needs them.