The 8 Steps to Attracting PEOPLE to Your PURPOSE


New FREE article released from Phired Up Productions.  Click here to download the new article titled, "The 8 Steps to Attracting PEOPLE to Your PURPOSE." This free article about organizational growth is written especially for organizations that need volunteers, members, donors, or raving fans.  Recommended readers include: business leaders, young professionals groups, community and civic organizations, non-profit leaders and volunteers, religious congregations, social entrepreneurs, political activists, and other change agents interested in positively impacting the world.

About the article: Organizations change the world. It is groups that are made up of People + Purpose that have shaped society, sparked rebellions, led revolutions, and made the world better for all of us. Many organizations, however, are well-intentioned but lack the people necessary to deeply impact their cause. This article provides a glance at the 8 steps organizations can follow to ensure long-term success at attracting a high quantity of high quality people to support their purpose.

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