Telling A Passionate Story

by Matt Mattson

I’m having the thought lately that… maybe the real difference between the great recruiters and the average member is the level of belief in your own organization’s story.

Do you believe the story you tell about your organization?  Do you believe that what your organization has to offer is actually different, unique, one-of-a-kind, world-class, amazing, life-changing, world-changing?  Do you believe the story of your organization so much that anytime you start to talk about it you get emotionally charged up?  Have you ever felt yourself near tears when describing your organization to someone else?

For the best recruiters in the world, the answers to all of those questions is a resounding, passionate, powerful, YES.

For instance, I believe in our company.  I believe that Phired Up is changing our world.  I believe that we are a team of experts, supported by throngs of fans, who understand that social excellence is the way of life for high performers, and who understand that there is a much higher quantity of much higher quality people out there who deserve the gift of fraternity/sorority, and who understand that fraternity/sorority should be a major force for saving lives, and setting positive examples, and leading  a social-consciousness/social-action revolution.  I believe that I’m a part of something incredible, and when I tell that to people, they know how much I believe it because they can feel it emanating from me.  I love what I’m a part of.  I want others to feel that same love.  I want to give this feeling of purpose, of focus, of passion to others.

This is a great time of year to do a little reflection.  Reflect on the story of your organization, and if you find yourself feeling lackluster, there’s still good news…  You can choose a new story.  You can choose to start telling the story of what your organization will become.  Take time to reflect on what you want that story to be.  Take time to determine what the story needs to be about in order to get you charged up, in order to get your emotions boiling, in order to get you passionate enough to want to scream your organization’s story from the rooftops.

Great recruiters have a story to tell.  And when they tell that story it is from their heart, not from talking points.  They tell their story emphatically, passionately, and with wild, sometimes uncontrollable gestures.  They inspire. Great recruiters inspire others to perspire for their cause.

Take time to reflect on the story of your organization.  Take time to figure out how your group is changing the world.  Take time to find (or create) the part of your organization’s story that you’re so Phired Up about that you can’t wait to go tell it.  Then tell that story wildly.