Successful 1-on-1 Meeting Tutorial

by Josh Orendi

Chapters practicing Dynamic Recruitment understand the deep value of the 1-on-1 meeting.  This is often the first personal interaction with a potential member after adding him/her to your Names List.  With so many things you could choose to talk about, here’s a little insight into what the top fraternity/sorority recruiters in the country are focused on during their initial meetings:

Set Up:

  • Meetings take place during the day (never late, never with alcohol)
  • on campus (not the chapter house)
  • in common areas (e.g. coffee shop, lounge, etc.)
  • confirmed via text message before the meeting time
  • 10-20 minutes long (never more)


  1. Inception.  Focus the conversation on him/her while planting the idea (inception) of fraternity/sorority. (Here’s a blog with more information)
  2. Chunking 3-5 additional leads. (see here for more details)
  3. Secure a follow up appointment to an interest meeting or small activity.  (Here and here are 100+ examples)

Remember to update your Names List immediately.  Consider sending a text or Facebook message right after to say “thanks” for meeting and remind them when you’ll be getting back together.  Now you’re doing “results producing” Dynamic Recruitment!