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“You get out of it what you put into it.” (STOP SAYING THAT)

By Matt Mattson

I was talking with a sorority leader at Baldwin Wallace University the other day and she gave me this idea. I was asking, “Are there any ways in which fraternities and sororities set false expectations about membership during the recruitment process?”

She said, brilliantly, “Every chapter always says, ‘Make of it what you want’ or ‘You get out of it what you put into it,’ and that probably gives our most disengaged members permission to be disengaged!” 


Let’s stop saying that stuff. Let’s start being really honest about our expectations of membership. (I actually think we’ll end up attracting MORE people because we make our organizations sound significant, and not like some optional club that isn’t a big deal).

Here’s another quote I love.

“What they experience in recruitment teaches them more about how to be a fraternity/sorority member than any other experience. It sets their default.” ~Matt Mattson

That’s right! I quoted myself.

It’s true. What someone experiences in the way they are recruited, teaches them about sorority/fraternity.

Recruit them with integrity; they will expect integrity from your chapter.

Recruit them without making membership a big deal; it won’t be.

Recruit them by bashing other chapters; they’ll treat everyone disrespectfully.

Recruit them with alcohol/drugs; they will expect to only have to party.

Recruit them with frills; they will not expect to be empowered.

Recruit them casually; they will treat your chapter casually.

Recruit them to join; they’ll follow along and not create.

Recruit them with professionalism; they’ll expect to contribute and to work.

Recruit them with soul; they’ll expect meaning from their experience.

Recruit them to create; they’ll build alongside you.