Start a Conversation

tshirt-1-btp Last week at our BE THE PERSON | 2012 event, we gave all our participants T-shirts.

Of course we did.  Any event that involves a group of college students and/or professionals MUST have T-shirts, right?  It seems that way, but our T-shirts were meant to do one thing a little differently than most "event" T-shirts.  They were meant to start a conversation.

Finish this sentence, "The world would be better if…"

Do your T-shirts, posters, sidewalk chalkings (see pics here ), advertisements, and marketing strategies start conversations?  Do they lead to interactions.

We want to give a HUGE shout out to our sponsor and friend GREEK101 .  This is a reputable company that produces high quality goods for our marketplace, and who BELIEVES IN THE BEST OF COLLEGIATE LIFE.  GREEK101 sponsored the T-shirts for BE THE PERSON | 2012 out of the goodness of their hearts and we are incredibly appreciative of their support.  Check them out for your future "conversation starting" needs…