Spring Break, Woo Hoo!

by Shira Tober

spring-break-2012Congratulations everyone, you made it!  Three fourths of the school year is over.  It’s time to put the North Face fleece and UGGs back in the closet and bust out the flip flops.  Sundresses, sunglasses, shorts, and Frisbees; the best part of the year is starting.  Well, the second best part. . .

It’s that wonderful time of year again . . . SPRING BREAK WHOOO HOOOO (please tell me you got the “Friends” reference)!

So here’s my post-Spring Break challenge for you, should you choose to accept it, and I think you should:  When you get back to school after Spring Break and you’re back in the trenches of classes and recruitment, make it a point to drive names onto your names list.

Follow these simple steps and start Spring off on the right foot:

1.    Make a new friends:  When you’re back on campus, talk to the people around you in classes, at Starbucks, at the gym, at the book store, etc.  Be generous with your time and be curious about their Spring Break.

2.    Engage in conversation: Ask questions about their time away from campus.  Who knows maybe they went back to their hometown and reconnected with their roots, maybe they went on a Caribbean getaway, or maybe they went on Alternative Spring Break.  Ask questions that are “below the surface”.  Be interested.  Build a relationships.

3.    Have a reason to follow up: This could be anything from wanting to hear more about their service trip to wanting to hear more about their hometown.  Maybe they spent their time at home working on a Biology lab and you just happen to kick serious a$$ as Biology and you offer your help.  Whatever reason comes up, awesome, just run with it and be vulnerable enough to give your digits.  Yes, you give them first!  You have to give to get. But you can’t give without having a reason to follow up.

Drive more names onto your names list.   And for gosh sakes, get out there and enjoy the sunshine!