Sororities: Prepare for Winter/Spring Formal Recruitment

by Shira Tober

sor-rec-prep I’m a product of a deferred recruitment campus; it was great.

We spent the fall doing PR (wearing awesome t-shirts and using lettered tote bags) and participated in Panhellenic sponsored Open Houses (all chapters in one ballroom trying to reel the PNMs to our decorated table).  We were so prepared going into January recruitment because we already had face time with our “rush crushes.”  PNMs already knew who we were, we could just show up and we would beg us for bids, or so we thought.

Then reality set in and one year we wore sweatpants to Round 1 of Formal Recruitment.  Sweatpants and Converse sneakers. (Yea.  I know.)  So to counteract that blunder, the next year, my sisters and I were sent a 20 page PowerPoint presentation in August about what to wear for recruitment and where we could buy the clothing if we didn’t have it.  We were definitely more prepared headed into recruitment.  But to our shock, we had the same problem again; membership selection was still a mess.  No one remembered the PNMs except for the “popular” ones and those being heavily recruited by our major competition.  We focused on the superficial rather than relationship building.  Admittedly, we had people show up on bid day and my sister’s didn’t even recognize them.

Don’t have my experience! Spend the fall semester really preparing for deferred Formal Recruitment.  Coach your sisters on how to make a great 1st impression and how to follow that up with great conversation and true friendship making.  Check out the Formal Recruitment Webinar Series to ensure success leading out of Winter Beak!