Socially Contagious

by Shira Tober

Social Excellence is contagious.  And it should be.

holding-the-door-openI think living a lifestyle of intentionally getting to know someone, having meaningful conversation, and cultivating relationships should be the most wide-spread, quick-moving epidemic our world has ever seen.  Being Socially Excellent opens the door to limitless possibilities of interactions, relationships, and game-changing action.

Organizations full of socially excellent people can change the world, but also, individuals can take actions that set in motion truly magical chains of events.

I’m always inspired by the Liberty Mutual commercials and the power that one person’s actions can have. Take a look here or here.

One person can inspire others to strive to be better.  When I meet Socially Excellent people or hear stories of Social Excellence, it motivates me to be better, do better, and live better.

I recently read this Facebook status of a chapter sister, Alex, who after graduation went to work for Teach for America.  (Yes, I am freely admitting to Facebook stalking; what can I say, I’m a product of my generation):

“A man saw me buying 75 notebooks and folders for my students and insisted on giving me $10. My students and I thank you very much, Jaclancey from Georgia.”

I think Jaclancey is a real life example of the power one person has to further the spread of the Social Excellence message.  You see, Jaclancey was curious and generous.  He saw a young woman buying 75 notebooks and folders, a sight one doesn’t see every day, and instead of letting an opportunity pass him by, he was inquisitive and asked the question that was burning inside of him.  By inquiring about the purchase, Jaclancey started a conversation with Alex.  A question and introduction led to conversation and that conversation led to a collaboration of the two working to educate our future leaders.

In our everyday lives it would be great and generous if we opened our wallets to help others, but generosity can be simpler.  We can go out of our way to make someone smile or make their day a little bit better.  We can linger a little longer while holding open a door, we can let someone go head of us in line at the grocery store, or we can be the person that inspires others to be curious and generous.  We can be a little more like Jaclancey from Georgia.