Social Media Cards

by Josh Orendi

high-point-social-media-cardThe Greek Community at High Point University gets all the credit for this new idea.  At first glance, it may look like a standard business card (see photograph), but Joe Wheeless, Assistant Greek Life Coordinator, took a few moments to tell us the full story behind why they created Social Media Cards:

You know how at the end of national news broadcasts they promote their web presence and encourage viewers to visit their online channels … this is the same thing except this is a tangible take away from any event, activity, or conversation.  There are lots of reasons for creating the Social Media Card.  Here are a few that were most important for us.

1.    Tangible take away after any event.  This is great for recruits, but it also works to build advocates for your community.  For example, at a philanthropy event you might give everyone the card and say “follow us on twitter where we are going to update how much we have raised.”

2.     Strengthens your brand beyond recruitment, builds your base of advocates, and allows a chapter to tell its story to more people.  Like the Phired Up guys always say, “You can’t recruit who you don’t know.”

3.    Increases and clarifies your social media presence.  Ever logged onto Facebook, searched for something, and the result came back with multiple possibilities?  The Social Media Card allows you to get your specific Twitter handle and Facebook page identity in the hands of your target audience.

As an office, we use the Social Media Cards to gain followers on Twitter and friends/fans/followers on Facebook.  It’s like getting people added to your Names List, but online.  The next step is offering useful information.  For example, we tweeted spring break safety tips and have gotten an average of five re-tweets from fraternity/sorority headquarters.

Councils might do the same by posting pictures, video, links, data, updates, or comments that are relevant to people

on campus – especially freshmen and sophomore leaders.  That might include a reminder about the University President’s birthday, a reference to an article in the school newspaper, comments on a campus speaker, heads up about a

new scholarship opportunity, or a reminder about an all campus Greek recruitment event.  We’ve started thinking about our Facebook and Twitter presence as an extension of our Names List.  People who follow you that you barely know may become your next best source of referrals.

Social Media is here to stay.  We’re working to stay relevant.  You cannot be relevant

online if no one is listening.  The Social Media Card allows us to speak directly with our followers and friends who care most about our cause on multiple social platforms.

Joe and the High Point University fraternity and sorority community found a practical strategy that is helping them bring more people to their cause.  That’s got Social Excellence written all over it.  Great job and thanks for sharing a cool recruitment resource with the world.