SOCIAL EXCELLENCE: Undergraduate Perspective

* Blog post 4 in a series of 6 on Social Excellence *

by Branden Stewart, Phired Up Undergraduate Intern 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to consider yourself excellent everyday? We can’t all be as excellent as the college football quarterback, the student body president, or the smartest kid in class. Being surrounded by thousands of other students each day, it might seem hard to feel excellent all the time”

But what is excellence anyway? I looked it up, and all it really means is to be really, really good at something. Guess what everyone: if you’re Greek, then you’ve probably got the advantage to become excellent”socially excellent, that is. All of the networking opportunities, mixers, service days, philanthropy events, and educational programs we provide members would be nothing if they weren’t backed up by the social bonds that we make among our brothers and sisters. Yet with all the opportunities that we provide ourselves to sharpen our social skills, we rarely employ them outside of recruitment.

In becoming social in the Greek community, we’ve closed ourselves off from a large majority of our campus in the process. While we might consider ourselves socially excellent in the Greek world, that doesn’t really matter if you’re not meeting new people to bring into your community. Can anyone answer why so many of us learn how to be socially excellent in the Greek community, and socially horrible in the campus community?

It’s easy to do for one thing. When you walk into a class on the first day and see a Greek student, its natural to want to sit next to them and catch up about their summer break. When you’re tabling in your student center for recruitment, it’s also natural to strike up a conversation with Greek friends who are passing by. Maybe what that means is that for us to become socially excellent, we need to develop a new type of natural.

The point that I’m trying to make is that we have no problem talking to people wearing Greek letters, but many of us find it impossible to branch out after recruitment and talk to potentials. Don’t forget that everyone who isn’t Greek is a potential member, and that the more excellent you become socially, the more excellent the Greek community will become.

We all want to be excellent at something, and as a Greek student you have the advantage to use your resources to get you to an excellent social level. Make your social excellence contagious, challenge your friends to do the same things you’re doing, and let your excellence become part of your lifestyle. Keep reminding yourself that if you’re passionate about the continued growth and excellence of your fraternity or sorority, then you’ve got to become excellent every day”socially excellent. After all, who doesn’t want to be excellent?

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