Snow Day = Recruitment Day

by Josh Orendi

021507072033_school20snow20day11As I type, half the country is covered in snow and ice with more on the way. That got me thinking. What a GREAT opportunity for recruitment…

When it’s cold outside you have two obvious opportunities, bring people together for indoor activities. Or, exploit the weather. Either way, “be the person” that creates social opportunities that bring new friends together. It might be time to get creative. People can only sit in their rooms and re-watch episodes of Skins so many times, right?

Snow ball fights, ice skating (in parking lot?), snow fort competition, creative sled riding, cold pranks, bon fire, hot tub, winter campus Olympics, warm beverages. Ever wonder how many Greek t-shirts one person can fit into? Is human bowling possible? What is the world record for launching a snowball? Why do we stop caroling in December?

For those that are more relationship-minded, remember that your snow day is an unexpected gift for faculty and administrators, too. How many points would you score by taking an assortment of hot chocolates to your professor, Greek Advisor, another fraternity/sorority, or the university president’s wife?

For those that are service-minded, this ice storm has elderly folks and single mom’s stuck in their houses. Making a trip to the grocery store or de-icing a sidewalk could make you someone’s hero. Why not showcase your chivalry with a couple new recruits? Try asking someone, “would you like to change someone’s life today?” or “could you spare an hour to be someone’s hero this afternoon?”

For those that are academically-minded, you just got an extra day to prepare for that mid-term or first big exam. Bring folks together to study.

Shouldn’t there be a sleepover tonight? How is there not a FIFA tournament going on right now … in the freshmen lobby … using your gaming system? Why am I reading this blog when I can be on the phone calling prospects and organizing fun social opportunities?

Happy recruiting. Stay warm