Seeking Spiritual Help (for Recruitment)

by: Matt Mattson

We recently ran across a Facebook group, website, and blog run by the folks over at Greek Movement (formerly It turns out this great resource and really popular Facebook group is organized and managed by the membership organization, Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC).

There are some great resources that these folks offer, and we encourage you to check them out…

…but even more interesting than their resources, I thought, was the idea of a non-Greek organization crossing into the Greek world — why shouldn’t Greeks be doing the same?

The best fraternities and sororities out there are truly based on values. Whether they always exemplify those values is of course a totally different question, but at least they try. No matter the religious/spiritual makeup of your organization or its members, there is a real growth opportunity for your group if you are willing to potentially partner with an organization like CCC to drive a higher quantity of higher quality members into your Greek organization.

CCC has seen the potential, and they’re making a concerted effort to collaborate and synergize with the Greek Community nationally.

Does your chapter have members that are also involved in a campus-based religious group (that link is only a small sampling)? If not, could you visit one of those organizations’ meetings and let them know that you’re looking for men/women of character and high moral standards to help you grow and improve your organization?

These groups are made up of people who already understand the concept of committing to a stated set of values, and living by them. The people in these organizations often already have experience running a major student organization that is probably bigger than your fraternity/sorority. These students are already running an organization that has the respect and gratitude of the school’s administration and the community.

Fraternities and sororities could learn a lot from campus-based religious/spiritual student organizations… If you don’t think you can recruit from their members, at least go talk to them to find out what you can do together as organizations, or better yet, what you can learn from the way they operate.


  • Eric LeMarbre

    I am a full-time staff member with Campus Crusade for Christ and a brother in Phi Gamma Delta, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1999. My full-time focus is developing spiritual awareness and growth in the Greek system at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. My passion to be part of a non-Greek organization, reaching into the Greek system comes from my love of the community of faith and the community of Greeks.

    I know that we are always working with the Greek Affairs at UNC as well as individual house to bring speakers and events that are effective at building up fraternities and sororities. These speakers sometimes have faith-based content, but many times we speak on brotherhood or community or self-image. Our desire is to bring goodness and health to a system that many times has lost its hold on their roots.

    I am always excited to talk about how we can link arms, locally as well as nationally with other groups, both faith-based and otherwise to strengthen and encourage the Greek system.

    Thanks for the shout-out for the website. I know the folks that have created that site put much heart and work into it.

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