Seal The Deal

by KJ McNamara

seal-deal-kj We have traveled the country for years, helping sorority women and fraternity men recruit a higher quality member for their organizations. We get asked a lot of questions, as you might imagine.

One question we get frequently is: “How do I get them to join/how do I get them to say yes/How do I get them to choose us?” — essentially, "HOW DO I CLOSE THE DEAL?" This question has a surprisingly simple answer, but not many people practice it. Getting a person to pick your organization requires one small easy solution – vulnerabe, meaningful, powerful conversations.

If you want a potential member to raise their right hand and swear in front of God and everybody that they will be a member of your organization forever, that will require a REAL conversation. Since this conversation is kind of a big deal (it could change their life FOREVER), you need to be a little bit vulnerable. Open up… show them your true authentic self; because when you do, you give them permission to do the same. And when you are both open, vulnerable and honest with one another… you mutually feel accepted. Committing to join a fraternity/sorority is a massive deal. Treat it as such with a conversation that reflects the importance of the occasion.

Now this does not always work. There are situations where you have the opportunity to be truly vulnerable with a potential member and they choose to not join, or go elsewhere. This is OK, actually it is better… this is great. We have to remember in these situations that they saw the true authentic version of your organization and they realized it was not for them… this is better then lying and glamoring them with a fake version of your organization and having them leave later.

Only when you have powerful conversations are people joining for the right reasons, joining for you, for your members, and for the person you allow them to become.

If you want to seal the deal, if you want to get people to put you first on their list, it is really simple… have a powerful, transformative conversation. Powerful conversations not only change you and the person you are talking to… but they transform the relationship between the two of you, turning you from acquaintances to true friends.