Say “Thanks” For Changing Your Life

by Josh Orendi

certificate-of-appreciation Think back to life before the fraternity/sorority.

Odds are that you weren’t looking for a Greek experience.  One wo/man stepped into your life and changed its course forever.  S/he is the person responsible for you becoming a member of your organization.  Please honor that person by entering their name on this Certificate of Appreciation.

(Feel free to share this token of your appreciation with them. Maybe at least forward this link or post publicly on Facebook/Twitter who "your person" is. It will probably make their day!)

Nearly every fraternity/sorority member in the chapter can name one person responsible for their membership.  That person changed your life forever with the gift of membership.

This speaks to an important truth about recruitment:

People do not join organizations! People join people. We build our love for the organization over time.