Rushing Into Things

by Matt Mattson

fraternity_rush_tshirt-p235500085997521594aic9i_210Found this picture online and thought it was funny.  Props to whoever created that little play on words.

It made me think of some questions regarding “formal recruitment” and “rush”. I don’t know the right answers to these questions. I simply offer them for consideration.

  • Did you rush into your fraternity experience?
  • Does your recruitment system encourage rushed decisions?
  • Do non-Greeks think it seems crazy to join an organization for life after your quick rush process?
  • Why is your rush process built the way it is built?  Who benefits?  Who loses?
  • Is there a difference between the most effective way to rush and the right way to rush?  From whose perspective?
  • Does your rush process impact your ability to retain members?
  • Who does rush attract?
  • Which of your organizational values does rush exemplify?