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Winter: The Other Conference Season

Josh Orendi

Many of our organizations and campuses use the summer months to bring members together for retreats, conference, conventions, etc. However, there is a growing trend in the fraternity world of organizations/campuses capitalizing on winter months (January and early February primarily) for programming. It’s been a busy winter for Phired Up, and I’d like to thank the groups that chose to partner with us to provide high quality programming to your students:

Phi Kappa Sigma – Men of Honor conference
Phi Kappa Theta – President’s academy
Phi Gamma Delta – Annual conference
Alpha Sigma Phi, Purdue Univ – Chapter development workshop
Alpha Gamma Rho – Recruitment School
Bradley University ‐ Dynamic Recruitment Training
Illinois Wesleyan ‐ Dynamic Recruitment Training
Penn State Altoona – Leadership retreat
University of Connecticut – IFC recruitment programming
Psi Upsilon – Univ Illinois – Chapter development workshop
University of Illinois – IFC recruitment programming
Sigma Pi – Annual conference
Tau Kappa Epsilon – Regional leadership conferences
Washington State – Dynamic recruitment training
Northern Arizona – Dynamic recruitment training
Washington & Jefferson – Dynamic recruitment training
MGCA – regional leadership conference
NGLA – regional leadership conference
WRGLC – regional leadership conference

Speaking of trends … there have been several trends that surfaced from these programs. Though every campus/organization is different, from your comments, it’s clear that there are some common challenges we’re all facing:

*Facebook: Learning how to use it. Learning how NOT to abuse it. Learning how to manage our members who are using/abusing it. For more information on using Facebook, check out the Facebook discussion going on at Phired Up’s Facebook RECRUITMENT IDEAS AND SUCCESS STORIES group.

*Motivation: Membership apathy and retention are at all time lows. There is no magic cure for motivating everyone. Often, the best thing we can do as leaders is to reframe how we manage mediocrity. For example, rather than asking “How can I motivate my brothers to recruit” try asking “How do I recruit with my motivated brothers.” By changing the way you see your problem, you’re able to focus on finding a solution.

*Rules & Administration: Many campuses have chained themselves to mediocrity by creating an overwhelming amount of rules, policies, and procedures. If every (legal) idea you come up with is shot down because “it’s against the rules,” then it’s time to revisit the rules. I always recommend being creative and working within the rules. However, a wise man once said, “It’s often easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.”

Best of luck to everyone this winter/spring. I hope you took advantage of networking at your winter conferences. All of us at Phired Up are looking forward to working with your groups again in the near future.




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