Rush Shoes: The Next Big Thing

by Matt Mattson

phi-upsilon-pi-shoesThis upcoming spring, instead of buying rush t-shirts, what if you had your chapter members wear coordinating TOMS Shoes or clothes from World Clothes Line?

[Shoe in this picture is a bad photo-shop version of what you could do.  You can't buy them like this]

Both of these companies give donations to people in need for every purchase (“1 for 1″).

I don’t know.  Rush T-shirts with cutesy, funny, hilarious, creative slogans, pictures and themes have been done.  Why not try something new?  What if you were the chapter who all wore the customized TOMS?  What if you were the chapter that is responsible for 100 people in Peru having new clothes (and you’re also the ones with the mountains on your shirts).

Seriously. Ask yourself… Would that positively or negatively impact your chapter’s…

  • Reputation?
  • Name recognition?
  • Level of interestingness?
  • Brand?
  • Quality of conversations with strangers?
  • Likelihood of winning awards?
  • Likelihood of recruiting high quality individuals?
  • Connection to organizational values?

Maybe your letters don’t even have to be on your clothes for those clothes to be helpful with recruitment?

Yep, it’ll be more expensive. Better isn’t usually cheaper.