Referrals from Professors

by Matt Mattson and Josh Orendi

[This recruitment tip was originally published by Phired Up Productions in its "Six Cylinders" series which is used during the company's Dynamic Recruitment Workshop. The "Six Cylinders" document can be found among Phired Up's Free Recruitment Resources]

In a 1-on-1 conversation, ask well respected professors or administrators for recommendations of men they consider to be leaders, scholars, and gentlemen. The magic is in how you present your request. Here is a sample script:

“Dr. Jones, I am working with a group of student leaders to improve the quality of fraternities on our campus. We think we can change the behaviors and image of Greeks by improving the level of men we target for membership. We want a higher quality student. We’re missing out on some of the best leaders on campus and good men are missing out on the resources and friendships that fraternities offer.

Would you share with us the names of several of your top students, especially those who show signs of leadership? Also, may we make a 60 second announcement at the beginning of tomorrow’s seminar to share this opportunity with others in our class?”

Expansion teams for top national fraternities use this technique to generate dozens of high quality leads before ever approaching a student. A professor at Marshall University was known for producing 5-10 names every year of the best students in his class.

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