Recruitment Tip: College Football

by Matt Mattson

lg__college_football_team_map It’s college football season.  For many, the most wonderful time of the year.  College football captures our collective attention, and if you’re looking to be Socially Excellent , it provides a nearly universally accepted topic of conversation.

"Big game this weekend, eh?" "Where do you like to tailgate?" "What games are you watching this weekend?" "Any idea if I can still get tickets?" "Our quarterback looks strong this year." "Hey, screw the [rival mascot], am I right?"

College football can help you make friends.  It can also help you build your organization’s Dynamic Recruitment Names List .  Here’s how.

Set up a table on campus.

Wear your best college team gear.

Hold up a big poster board with three columns on it titled as follows: 1) Name & Phone #, 2) A picture of your school’s football helmet, 3) A picture of the other school’s football helmet.

Write the following rules on the bottom of the poster board: "The person picking the closest final score to this weekend’s big game will win an awesome package of [your school] fan gear. Ties will broken by drawing from a hat. We’ll call or text you if you won. Come back and play every week!"

Shake hands. Talk about football. Ask everyone who walks past to guess the score.  Make friends. ADD ALL THESE NAMES TO YOUR NAMES LIST!

Repeat every week there’s a game. (Then start again during basketball season).

Happy Football Season!