Recruitment in New Member Ed Curricula

by Matt Mattson

Quick” What did you learn in your fraternity/sorority new member education program that actually helped you be a more successful fraternity/sorority member?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that concept lately. Often, unfortunately, the answer to that question is… “not much.”

This upcoming weekend I’ll be co-facilitating a workshop at MGCA with Andy Huston of Sigma Alpha Mu on: “Pledge Ed Curriculum Repair.” We’ve been working on some concepts to help fraternity/sorority chapters focus on results-producing activities when it comes to new member education. One of the most obvious pieces that is glaringly absent from the majority of chapters’ new member education programs that I’ve talked with is… recruitment.

This past weekend I did a Dynamic Recruitment Workshop at Northern Arizona University. This was one of the first audiences that responded affirmatively when I asked, “How many of your chapters teach their new members how to do recruitment?” I’ve asked question to thousands of fraternity/sorority members, and typically very few chapters include this in their curriculum. Clearly, the NAU Greeks are doing something right.

If recruitment really is the “lifeblood” of your organization… If, as we claim, PEOPLE and PURPOSE are the two core elements of any membership organization… If you’re going to teach your new members anything, doesn’t it make sense to teach them how to recruit?

Evaluate your current new member education programs. How much of your program actually prepares your new members to be great at being a brother/sister? How much of your program actually drives the results you need as a chapter? Can you add recruitment training? Shouldn’t you?

We’re unveiling an article at MGCA on results-producing new member education programs using Phired Up’s “Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility.” Look for it on our free resources page in the coming weeks. In the meantime, look back at Good Guys, if you haven’t read it lately, and see if you can think of ways to use “The Eight Steps” in your new member education process.

[Updated 2/26/07: Check out Phired Up's Free Resources for the article on applying "The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility" to New Member Education. This article was presented at the 2007 MGCA Conference by Matt Mattson and Andy Huston]

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