Recruitment Campfire Song

by Matt Mattson

One of my favorite things to do during the summer months is going camping. I love sitting around the campfire, roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories, and of course, singing campfire songs. A couple of years ago I bought a guitar and took a few lessons just so I could play those campfire songs.

Since everything in my life revolves around recruitment, I found a way to write a recruitment campfire song. The truth is, I wrote this song thinking about the great revolutionary songs of the 1960's. It seemed like for my parents' generation, music lead the movement for positive change. So, I figured if Phired Up is going to call for a recruitment revolution in the fraternity/sorority world, we had better have a song to lead that revolution.

So, here it is" I offer it to you for singing round the campfire this summer when you're enjoying s'mores with your brothers or sisters ‐ use this to inspire some motivation for a recruitment revolution within your organization.
[note: this was written for fraternities, but sorority women could easily change a few words to make it their own!]
To the tune of LET IT BE, written by John Lennon and made famous by The Beatles. Key of G. If you’d like to learn how to play it at your campfire this summer, check this out.

When I find myself in times of RUSH
My founders' faces comes to me.
Your values are the answer.
Recruit me. Recruit me.

And at our rush events we talk
About ourselves way too much.
If we'd just stop and listen, we'd hear
Recruit me. Recruit me.

Recruit me. Recruit me.
Recruit me. Recruit me.
BEER is not the answer.
Recruit me. Recruit me. Yeah.

And when prospects from the Names List
Show up at the house this year.
I'll try to get to know them,
First make me your friend, then recruit me.

And though it may be tempting,
We won't rely on a big party.
Rush events are scary,
Singin', Recruit me, Recruit me.

Recruit me. Recruit me.
Recruit me. Recruit me.
CHICKS are not the answer.
Please just recruit me. Yeah.

And when initiation's over,
Our pledge class will be the biggest yet.
Because we got to know them.
Recruit me. Recruit me.

We'll wake up to the sound of music.
My brothers will all be hugging me.
[Spoken] Brothers don't shake hands, brother hug.
Hug all your brothers
Recruit Me. Recruit Me.

-One more time!

Recruit me. Recruit me.
Recruit me. Recruit me.
RUSH is not the answer.
Recruit me. 

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