Recruitment: A Responsibility & A Privilege

by Matt Mattson

resp-and-privI had the absolute pleasure recently of talking to the Executive Director of Alpha Omicron Pi, Troylyn (Troy) LeForge.  We were chatting about organizational growth and some of the amazing work that AOPi has done recently in that department.

Amongst a bucketful of other nuggets of wisdom, Troy said something to me that really struck a chord.  She talked about the importance of seeing fraternity/sorority recruitment as both a responsibility and a privilege.  These are my interpretations of that conversation — she said it much more eloquently than I could, but I wanted to share…

Your founders granted you an amazing privilege. You get to give the gift that they gave to you. You have the privilege, the opportunity, the power to share your organization with someone new.  You have the privilege of building the FUTURE of your organization — the future is in your hands. You’re blessed to have this privilege, and you’ll never have a better chance than now to take advantage of this opportunity than right now.

There are literally thousands of men and women on your campus that deserve and desire the experience your organization offers. Will you work hard enough and smart enough to give it to them? You have a responsibility to find them, meet them, befriend them, and help them understand the life-changing power of your group.  The depth of their collegiate experience lies in your hands.  Whether they will have the pleasure of sharing the life-long bonds your organization offers or not is up to you.  Will you do your best to fulfill that great responsibility?  Potential members are counting on you.