Recruiting Skills for Any Organization

Phired Up works with all kinds of organizations… And one of the things that is consistent in any of our training and consulting work is the need to prepare all the members in whatever group we’re working with to be effective, active, natural conversationalists. The truth is that people will join your organization if they feel good about 2 things…

a) If they feel good about the general purpose of the group (though, this is secondary), and

b) If they feel good about hanging out with one of the members (this is most important).

Remember, People Don’t Join Organizations. People Join People.

So, here is a simplified list of some of the recruitment SKILLS that we teach organizational members looking to increase the quantity of quality members in their group.

  • Ask about them, don’t tell about you. People are interested first and foremost in themselves. If you let them talk about their favorite topic, they’ll like you and you don’t even have to say much (except maybe ask a few good questions).
  • Use their name occasionally. Remember this is the most important word in their vocabulary. Plus, using their name gives you a better chance of actually remembering their name.
  • If you get to the point in the conversation where an awkward silence takes hold, try talking about these F-words: Family, Friends, From (where are they from?), Future (what do they have planned for this weekend, next week, next year?), Firsts (is this their first time here?), Favorites and Fun.
  • If the conversation does drift to your organization as the topic, be prepared with the elevator pitch that you have memorized and practiced (check out one of our books, or articles for more info).
  • Find out about their needs ‐ what do they wish for? Use that information to pair the value and benefits of membership in your organization with their wants and needs.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask them to join. Do you know how many people have never joined your organization because you didn’t ask them? A lot.
  • If you’d like to make sure they will say yes before you ask them to join, try this question, “If I asked you to join our organization right now, what would you say?”
  • If they have concerns about joining, use the quality responses you’ve prepared beforehand (to the 10 most common reasons people don’t join your organization) to acknowledge their concerns but address them effectively.


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