Recruit By Teaching Social Excellence


by Matt Mattson

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Fraternities and sororities are supposed to be social organizations, right?  Okay. 

First-year students, in order to be successful, often need to a) connect with other students, b) learn social skills, and c) have their comfort zones expanded, right?  Okay.

What if fraternities and sororities hosted a major program for first-year students that prepared them with the social networking skills and connections with other students that they need to be successful (potentially during “Welcome Week” or orientation)?  What if fraternities and sororities provided that service to first-year students as a favor to the university?  What if that program was mostly an opportunity to learn about social skills through practicing them (and both Greeks and non-Greeks participated)?  Think of how quickly and effectively your fraternity/sorority members could connect with non-Greek students, and how everyone would win!

Now is a great time of year to call the residence life and/or orientation departments on campus to see if Greek Life could help them out.  Propose that Greek Life, as the social center of campus, provide a SOCIAL EXCELLENCE program for non-Greek students that would teach those students how to have great conversations, how to build a large network of student leaders, and how to master the most important trait of any high-performing student — Social Excellence.

Phired Up Productions could provide that program for your campus, by the way.  E-mail to inquire.  We can teach your members how to recruit for a portion of the day, then teach all non-Greek students or all freshmen about Social Excellence… that Social Excellence program could be hosted by Greeks, and everyone gets to connect together, have meaningful conversations throughout the program, and learn together.  What an incredible recruitment opportunity!

Or you could build your own networking reception, social skills educational program, or conversation workshop.  The key is to have fraternities and sororities serve as the hosts of this opportunity.  This will give your fraternities and sororities access to and influence over these studnets, while providing a truly valuable program for them and for your university.  A win/win/win!