Provide Fraternity/Sorority Recruits with Great Customer Service

[RING OF PHIRE: The Ring of Phire is a team of undergraduate fraternity and sorority members dedicated to delivering the messages of Phired Up Productions to their peers around the country.]

by Kate Peer (Undergraduate Ring of Phire Member)

customerservprior2jI am stickler for good customer service. If I have a poor customer service experience that should be addressed, I ensure that the appropriate person knows.  Fortunately, many companies want me to let them know by providing options like phoning the store manager, submitting a feedback form on the website, or e-mailing the customer relations department. To be fair, I also make it known when I have great customer service. For example, I recently wrote to an airline I flew because I was more than satisfied with my trip. Upon arrival, I made sure to tell all my friends (including my sorority sisters) of the amazing service they provided while I was travelling this past holiday season. People tell stories about good customer service

That got me thinking – does my sorority provide good customer service?

Naturally, through practicing social excellence, I began to see how customer service plays into fraternity and sorority recruitment efforts. Good customer service recruits good clients and with good clients your organization or business can expand. Same goes for fraternities & sororities.

Admittedly, we as fraternity and sorority members sometimes fail to give great customer service to the communities in which we reside and represent. If you heard from a friend that a company is horrible, yells at their customers, is constantly disorganized, and their employees look and act sloppy… would you want to use their services?  The same is true for fraternities and sororities. If your organization is known for hazing your members, never showing up on time, and has a reputation for poor behavior… why would anyone want to join? If that is the case it is not too late.  You must become that change and re-brand your chapter immediately!

I share this blog to offer a different way of looking at recruitment. Consider the experiences of a) encountering members of your organization on campus, b) visiting your house as a non-member, c) participating in recruitment activities, and d) being a new member – are you providing great customer service in all of these areas?

Maybe it is as simple as just providing exceptional service – above and beyond – to all the “customers” of your organization.

The potential of providing great customer service could help to grow both your chapter and your fraternity and sorority community.