Preparing for Deferred Recruitment (Webinar Nov. 2, 2009)

by Matt Mattson

On some campuses, first-year-students can only join a fraternity or sorority after they’ve established a minimum college GPA… this is called, by most, deferred recruitment.  If this is the policy on your campus, and you haven’t already been working hard to prepare for your big recruitment class next semester, well you had better get on your horse!


Good news!  Phired Up has partnered with the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV) to provide a boost to deferred recruitment campuses preparation.  The information is below. 

If, by chance, you can’t join us for this webinar, then focus now on these three simple things to prepare for deferred Winter/Spring recruitment…

  1. It Starts Now! (Actually, for the smart groups, it started a while ago).  Many chapters wait until January 1 to start thinking about building their Winter/Spring recruitment class.  Dumb.  Sorry to be so blunt, but if you’re not taking advantage of the next 6 weeks of fall classes to build relationships with potential members, then that’s just dumb.  It starts now.
  2. Build a Huge Names List.  Don’t overthink it right now.  You actualy don’t have to recruit right now, you just need to build relationships between you and potential members, and between potential members and your organization.  Just make friends.  Remember, you can’t recruit who you don’t know, so recruitment doesn’t even really begin until you’ve gotten to know the people.  Get to know a LOT of people.  There are about a million ideas for how to do that throughout our website and blog.  Get people’s names and contact information, at the very least… put that info on a names list… that way you have people to call and invite to your recruitment functions come January or February.
  3. Pre-Close.  Right now, with your strongest leads, do this.

Here’s the information on the webinar!

Dynamic Recruitment on a Deferred Recruitment Campus
Monday, November 2, 2009
2:00pm EST/1:00pm CST/12:00pm MST/11:00am PST

Dynamic Recruitment from Phired Up is the system that transforms over 200 campuses and organizations each year.  The system focuses on a friends-first, values-based approach to recruiting members through social excellence, meaningful relationships, and non-S.P.A.M.-like techniques.  Campuses with deferred recruitment can experience particularly dramatic growth in the quantity and quality of fraternity/sorority members when they adopt Dynamic Recruitment.  This AFLV LeaderLink Webinar will provide participants with a basic results-driving recruitment philosophy along with a practical to-do list to prepare for and execute a highly successful Winter/Spring recruitment.

To register for the Dynamic Recruitment LeaderLink Webinar, click here.

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