Powerful Recruitment Story/Video: The Struggle

by Doug Sweeney (Guest Blogger, Friend of Phired Up, Current Expansion Professional for Delta Sigma Phi)

Doug Sweeney, Delta Sigma Phi

Two types of guys join fraternities.  Guys who want to gain value from a fraternity and guys who add value to it.  I looked at all the fraternities my freshman year on campus.  All but one told me I would gain value by being their brother.  I rushed Delta Sigma Phi, the newest and smallest fraternity on Stetson University’s campus, simply because a few good men needed me to add value to their fraternity.  Together, that small group of us had this dream that we would be the men that put our chapter from last place to first place. 

From day 1 as a “pledge”, myself and others went out and told men on campus exactly what we dreamed and asked them if they would be willing to help us bring that dream into fruition.  My fondest memories in the fraternity came from the outcomes that followed recruiting men like this.  There’s a real natural high that comes from doubling a fraternity and bringing in a new class of men who want to add value to your organization.  And for us… It didn’t take rush shirts, big events, flyers, tabling, trophies, reputation, parties, girls or our house.  All it came down to was a dream, me and like 3 other guys… check it out.