Energize Recruitment with Positive Absurdity

by Matt Mattson

This time of year your recruitment efforts might need a shot of energy.  Your members are dragging, students are avoiding contact with strangers (with their stocking caps on, their earbuds in, their walking pace increased, and their eyes fixed on their own shoelaces).  It is hard to get people’s attention.  Unfortunately, many organizations try to get people’s attention through poor decisions (giant party, embarrassing antics, offensive t-shirts, etc.).

Some people, however, are creative enough to get the attention of students in positive ways — ways that actually make a person’s day better.  See the video below for an outstanding example.

In most situations, shouting compliments for “free” would be considered absurd… but you have to admit that this is something unique, positive, and kind of funny.  Best of all, it gives these guys a reason to have a conversation with strangers.

How can you get noticed on your campus?  What can you do to brighten a person’s day, break the monotony of mid-fall classes, be remembered positively, and create an opportunity to engage in conversation with other human beings?  This doesn’t have to be an organizational event with a committee, sub-committees, and t-shirts.  It could just be you and some other “horses” in your chapter choosing to be remarkable.

beboldtodayBe bold this week.  Be absurd.  Be remarkable.

Don’t buy pizzas and have a meeting in a meeting room.  Buy pizzas and hand out free slices in exchange for a good conversation.

Don’t hang up fliers on bulletin boards.  Ask people if you can tape fliers to their backpacks for a day.

Don’t write about your organization with chalk on the sidewalk.  Have a “chalk art” competition one day between classes and challenge people to color in the lines.

Don’t say “I’ll meet some people in my classes.”  Give high fives to everyone who walks into your class today.  Do that with a high five buddy.

Don’t have an info meeting about your organization. Quietly arrange a secret meeting by personal invite only… with a secret password to get in.

Make someone’s day today.  I dare you.