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Phired Up Helps Re-Found Historic Nebraska Chapter

This past Spring, something remarkable happened in Nebraska. Here’s the story.

A local 61-year-old fraternity, Alpha Gamma Nu (AgMen), that was founded in 1953 at the University of Nebraska reached out to Phired Up to help re-establish its legacy of excellence. They weren’t looking for a massive chapter — they wanted a core group of select gentlemen to bring their historic chapter back.

Phired Up’s Paul Manly, assisted by 2 other’s on our team, spent 3 and a half weeks on campus. During those few weeks, Paul and the team put over 600 names on a Names List. They met personally one-on-one with over 250 Nebraska men. Eventually they hand-selected 26 core gentlemen that represented the organization’s values and aspirations (with an average GPA of 3.18). All 26 of those men accepted an invitation to membership, and soon after recruited an additional 10 men on their own.

Brad Broeker, the Alumni Committee President tells the story  “In 2013 our Alumni committee had made the determination that our 60 years of organizational history was near an end. After trying a number of different things and nearly dissolving our fraternity we approached Phired Up about their recruiting services in 2014. After having them on our campus we proudly initiated our re-founding fathers. The one-on-one approach is effective and we are extremely excited to be using their training service to ensure that our organization continues to grow and thrive. We are very appreciative for the work that Paul Manly and his team brought to our campus.”

“Partnering with Phired Up was a game changer for our fraternity!” said Tim Brhel, the Alumni Committee Operations Advisor. “Paul Manly and the Phired Up team were excellent to work with. They took the time to understand our needs from day one and followed through. Not only is our fraternity back on a viable path again but our re-founding fathers are some of the best men on campus. Follow-up consulting by Paul continues to empower our new members to grow. This is a culture that will impact our campus for years to come!”

The new AgMen chapter is engaaged in a long-term coaching partnership with Phired Up, led by Paul Manly. 100% of the chapters coached by Paul last year set broke their own recruitment records.

Adam Britten, the new Alpha Gamma Nu chapter president said, “After two and a half years in college, I was not currently in a fraternity and thought I never would be. After going through some of the recruitment process during my freshman year, I had decided the fraternity life was not for me. February 2014 came around and I got a call from Paul Manly, a recruiter from Phired Up Productions. That call wound up being one of the most important calls I’ve received as I am now a part of something that very few people get to be a part of. Not only am I now a part of a brotherhood of gentlemen, I am a part of a re-founding of a fraternity. Finally being initiated, with friends that I now call brothers and truly close friends, was a remarkable experience. The initiation ceremony itself is something that is unique to the brothers of Alpha Gamma Nu and it is something that I will always cherish. Ending the evening with friends and family for dinner and getting to show them the house, along with the organization itself and past alumni, was a great experience.”

Jacob Denniston, the new recruitment chairman, said “After being involved with numerous other groups at the University, I found that ‘Frat’ life wasn’t for me. When the opportunity presented itself for me to help create something that the University has never seen, I decided to take the leap of faith. The day of initiation is a day that I will remember for the entirety of my life. It was an amazing experience to be brought into a group with some of the most fantastic men I have ever met. The public ceremony afterwards was great for our parents and alumni to come and see what we are all about and share the moment with. The best part I would say is after everyone left, and it was just me and my new brothers. We played volleyball until midnight, sat around and laughed, played pool, and really just embraced that we are now all brothers of Alpha Gamma Nu. I find it hard to put the experience into words that everyone can understand, it was a moment that I know will forever be thankful for and treasure. That was only the start.”

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