Paper Airplanes

by Matt Mattson

paper-airplane-iconI’ve been working with engineering fraternities and Greeks from engineering schools a lot lately — so that explains the origin of this idea.  In fact, one group of Theta Tau members dreamed this one up.

Want a creative way to a) Drive names onto your names list, b) Spice up your organization’s on-campus promotional tables, and c) Offer some entertainment to passersby so that you might have an opportunity to strike up conversation?

Paper airplanes are the answer.  We’ve offered similar suggestions before about RPS, High 5′s, SurveysListening, etc.  Here’s another spin on the concept.

Set up a table on campus.  Put a ream or two of plain white paper on said table.  Put a piece of tape marking the launching line on the ground. Challenge everyone who walks past to see if they can create a paper airplane that flies further than yours.  Only rules are…

1) Only one piece of paper.

2) Your piece of paper must have your name and contact information on it so we can let you know if you won (and to tell you about other fun stuff we do).

3) If you win, you get a high five and a piece of candy.  If you lose, we get to tell you our 30-second pitch.