Our Job. [A Poem For Fraternity/Sorority Pros Before #AFAAM]

Work makes it tough to get of out of bed;
you show up dragging your feet, hanging your head.

You fake an illness and practice your phony cough;
reluctantly you arrive, energetic as a sloth.

When you sit at a desk and count the seconds ticking on the clock;
feeling held back like a track star poised on the block.

Afraid to make a change because…. well there is no reason;
You make excuses and tell yourself its not the right season.

You stop listening to your heart for fear of what it tells you;
That you were meant for something greater and to do something that compels you.

One day the stress becomes too great,
you’re sick of being average and you decide the work can wait.

So you drop what’s holding you down, and you realize you are free;
you now have the courage to finally be.

You chase your dream, and tell yourself there is more to be done;
the work is just as hard, but now you’re having fun.

You’re standing under the clouds but you feel like you’re above;
that because you’ve taken hard work and turned it into love.


We don’t often post poetry on our blog. This might seem a little peculiar to some readers. But we think it’s pretty cool. Because in the thick of this late fall, when our staff was “feeling a little funky” (read this), Taylor Deer E-mailed our whole team this poem with the subject line, “I don’t know why but I wrote a poem for you.” Maybe it will serve as some inspiration to our fraternity/sorority professional friends like it has for our staff. We hope you enjoyed it, and we hope you’ll share it with other fraternity/sorority pros this week as we all prepare for the AFA Annual Meeting.