New Year’s Resolution = Recruitment Opportunity

105846-1by Josh Orendi

New Year’s Resolution Support Group

You make a New Year’s resolution or two every year, right?  And, what happens by February or March every year?  Yeah, me too.  Guess who else does this … the rest of campus!  Take a look at the 10 most common New Year’s resolutions (according to this) listed below:

#1: Spend more time with friends & family
#2: Fitness
#3: Lose weight
#4: Quit smoking
#5: Enjoy life more
#6: Quit drinking
#7: Get out of debt
#8: Education
#9: Help others
#10: Get organized

So if the fraternity/sorority’s mission includes making better men/women and improving our members, campus, and community, we might have just hit the recruitment jackpot!  What a great opportunity to make new friends and offer something of value…

Experts say the best ways to keep a resolution are to be vocal about them, write them down, and get an accountability buddy.  For more tips on keeping resolutions, click here.  What if your chapter lead the way this year?

- 6:30am open jog around campus or group trip to the gym (“sign up and we’ll physically drag you out of bed”)
- study groups formed with non-members
- financial management expert (e.g. alumnus) joins you and non-members for dinner, cigars, ice cream, etc
- support group of people who want to stop smoking/drinking … what if the fraternity/sorority actually lead your campus with non-alcoholic opportunities to support those resolutions.
- open van rides into town, out of state, etc. just to have fun.
- members with a knack for organization sell their services to get people ready for the spring semester (fundraiser?)
- accountability group of 10 people (1/2 non-members) each put in $20 and make a personal resolution.  The last one to keep his/her commitment keeps the pot.

I know we could make a huge list, but you get the point.  Fraternities and sororities are uniquely positioned this time of year to offer the support that we’re all looking for to keep our New Year’s resolutions.  What will your chapter do to make the most of the opportunity to help and serve others?

Here’s a final thought:  What if your chapter made a New Year’s resolution as a group, announced it to the campus, and asked everyone to hold you accountable to making it a reality.  Oh, I like the pressure that would put on us!  How big could you dream?  You know what I like even better?  The number of non-members that will ask you throughout the Spring how your resolution is coming along.  You can simply respond, “really well, would you like to be part of helping us make it happen.”

Damn, I love recruitment.