New Recruitment Resource: The Names Game

Phired Up Productions is proud to announce the release of its latest Dynamic Recruitment resource on November 5, 2007: The Names Game – A Dynamic Recruitment Challenge for Fraternities. 

The Names Game is a pocket-sized Dynamic Recruitment resource for fraternities from the recrutiment experts at Phired Up Productions. If you've read the book, Good Guys, or if you've experienced Phired Up's Dynamic Recruitment Workshop, The Names Game is the next step to the fraternity of your dreams. Use this resource to build your prospective member list — and do it as the ultimate brotherhood game! Make sure all the Dynamic Recruiters in your chapter have a copy. 

The Names Game is available by clicking here for $11.95.

Below are some notes about this exciting new resource from Matt Mattson and Josh Orendi — creators of The Names Game

As we've toured around the country delivering training and revolutionizing the fraternity world through Dynamic Recruitment for the past several years, we've realized the need for a practical tool that can help fraternity men experience immediate results.

For those that have experienced or read about Dynamic Recruitment, you know the importance of building your names list to as big as it can be… After all, Quantity Drives Quality, right? Well, we have been working on making the most important part of Dynamic Recruitment (filling your names list)… FUN! Yes, fun! It can and should be fun to network with prospective members on campus, and The Names Game is one way to turn recruitment work into recruitment fun!

So, what is The Names Game? It is a pocket-sized “Cliff's Notes” for recruitment skills. It is a personalized names list. It is a challenge. It is a teaching tool. It is a scavenger hunt. It is a game. It is a tangible resource you can hold in your hand that can serve as the secret key to opening your chapter's recruitment potential.

You can see a preview of The Names Game here. The pocket-sized book contains recruitment tips, specific challenges for meeting and getting to know new prospective members, and over 500 spaces to record key information about prospective members.

Our vision for The Names Game is for chapters to share a copy with each of their “horses,” and the horses of the chapter will push each other to see who among them can meet the most prospective members (then they’ll record their contact information in the book). Chapters can create competitions, Inter/National Headquarters can sponsor worldwide Names Game championships, and most importantly, fraternities can grow exponentially because of the sheer number of potential members that the game can generate.

We hear people all the time asking, “I love the idea of Dynamic Recruitment, but where do I start?” The answer is with The Names Game. Imagine if your chapter got 5 of your most motivated members to push each other to fill up their personal copy of The Names Game with 500 names of new prospective members. Each participant would take each of these challenges:

  • The Personal Referral Challenge
  • The In The Residence Halls Challenge
  • The At The Gym Challenge
  • The In The Library Challenge
  • The In Your Classes Challenge
  • The At Athletic Events Challenge
  • The Referral Sources Challenge
  • The Social Gatherings Challenge
  • The Other Organizations Challenge
  • The 15 Minutes On The Quad Challenge
  • The 5 For 5 Challenge
  • The Formal Recruitment Challenge
  • The Raffle Challenge
  • The Scouting For Hot Shots Challenge
  • The Social Media Challenge

By following the instructions in the the book, and by accepting those challenges, a chapter would have 500 new prospects generated by only 5 current members — equaling a Names List of 2500 potential members. Have you ever had the opportunity to choose the best new members from among 2500 prospects? Can you imagine the high quality members you could get if you had a CHANCE to recruit from that many potential members?

Of course, the best performers would go beyond the challenges listed in the book, and would continue their Scavenger Hunt for potential members…

Every chapter should have at least 10 copies of The Names Game, and should empower their “horses,” or perhaps every new member, to complete the challenges found within.

Go get ‘em.

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