Names List 3

Names On, Names Up

by Matt Mattson

A Phired Up Dynamic Recruitment Names List is a powerful thing. It gives a chapter control over their recruitment potential. More names on the list, higher potential. Move names up the list (increase their “ranking”), higher potential.  In fact, as a recruitment leader for your fraternity or sorority chapter, it might make sense to just understand and execute those two simple tasks… Put names on the list and move names up the list.

“Wait, what’s a Names List?”  Here’s a fun, simple example. Check it out. Let’s break down those two simple tasks…

Put Names On

1. Write down the names and contact information of literally every non-Greek student who is eligible for your organization. All of them. Get all your members to do the same. Use Phired Up’s “Mind Joggers” exercise in our free recruitment resources section of the website to do that.

2. Meet new people. You can’t recruit who you don’t.know. Use every idea you can figure out to grow your Names List to hundreds of people. Every new person on your campus that your chapter meets gives you a CHANCE to recruit one more person. Until you’ve met them, you don’t have a chance.

Move Names Up

We teach chapters to RANK their prospects within their Names List. This isn’t the same as “rating” them, or notating how much you like them. The ranking system on the Names List measures how far along the recruitment process a prospect has moved. Here’s a simplified way to do the ranking…

A+ – This individual has already fully committed to being a member.
A – This individual has received an official invitation for membership
B – This individual is being strongly courted for membership, and should be Pre-Closed.
C – This individual has interacted with the organization’s recruitment process.
D – This individual has not met with us yet.  We’re trying to reach him/her.
E – This individual has been red shirted. S/he is not qualified for membership or wants to wait.
F – This individual is incompatible with the organization (for now).
G – This individual has missing data or we can’t track them down.


Put ‘em on, move ‘em up.

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