Names List Spreadsheets Are Dead!

by Josh Orendi

What do these organizations all have in common?

Top Ranked College Football & Basketball Teams
NonProfit Fund Raisers
National Political Campaigns
Top Performing Sales Teams
Your University’s Alumni Office
Your University’s Admissions Office
US Military
Your Favorite Fortune 500 Brand
Fast Growing Churches/Temples

If you said “they’re great recruiters” you’re mostly right.  Dig a little deeper.  HOW do they recruit?

If you said “year round … values based … culture fit ….” you’re mostly right again.  Try one more time.  HOW do they recruit?

If you said “using a spreadsheet” you would be 100% wrong.

Spreadsheets are dead!  I’ll say that again.  SPREADSHEETS ARE DEAD.  Top performing organizations/industries have upgraded their technology.  They recruit smarter.  They use Customer Relationships Management (CRM) software specific to their industry and audience.  Most of the organizations listed above made this switch 10-20+ years ago.  When they did, it changed the way they do business.  As soon as one organization changed, all the others in that industry had to change to keep up.  Today, none of these organizations could even imagine managing their customers, leads, members, voters, recruits, prospects … with a spreadsheet.  Ask them.  They’d look at you like you’re a crazy person to suggest that they could.  They’ve been transformed, upgraded forever.  And, they’re better because of it.

GOOD NEWS!!!  The same technology revolution has arrived in the fraternity/sorority space.  A major technology upgrade called ChapterBuilder is changing the way fraternity/sorority recruitment is done.

GREAT NEWS!!!  The ChapterBuilder technology was developed by TechniPhi in collaboration with the Phired Up team of recruitment experts.  This is easy-to-use, professional grade software built by fraternity/sorority experts for every fraternity/sorority chapter that shares our commitment to making Greek Life bigger and better by recruiting higher quantities of higher quality people.

Oh yeah, one more little detail.  IT’S FREE.  $0.  No Money.  Every fraternity/sorority chapter in the country already has an account.  All they have to do is activate it.  Yes, this is crazy.  Yes, this is awesome.

Phired Up no longer endorses the use of a spreadsheet.  With the availability of ChapterBuilder, spreadsheets are officially dead.  The FREE RESOURCES page on Phired Up’s website now offers a direct link to ChapterBuilder.  (you can watch a 3 minute demo video at www.ChapterBuilder.com)

Within 2 years, saying that your chapter/community recruits from a spreadsheet will be worse than admitting you have an active MySpace account. :)