Multiply Your Influence & Recruitment Potential x 150 Today!!!

by Matt Mattson

many-hand-shakes Want to multiply your influence x 150 today?

Want to give yourself a 150% better chance to change minds?

Want to learn 150 x more about the world immediately?

Want to have a chance to fund raise from, sell to, learn about, or recruit 150% more people into your group right now?!

Well, here’s the secret.  Here’s how it is done.  Here’s how you, yes YOU, can multiply your influence x 150 (or more) right now!

Shake one hand. Have a conversation. Build a relationship. With one person…  Just one will do it.

See, for every hand you shake that turns into a relationship, your level of influence is multiplied by around 150!

Dr. Robin Dunbar has done research for at least 20 years on the size of social networks.  His research has suggested that the upper limit of close relationships someone can have is around 150 . This is called "Dunbar’s Number."  While that mostly refers to the maximum number of close friends one can likely have, our suggestion is that a person’s circle of influence goes beyond their closest friends.  In fact, in today’s digitally connected world, we have much wider circles of influence than ever before since so many of us broadcast to an audience of followers (Twitter) and friends (Facebook) amongst others.

In fact, your average friend on Facebook probably has around 359 "friends" according to this article from BBC News (that article also contains this fascinating little tidbit that encourages Social Excellence , "A study of 10,000 US students over a period of 35 years suggests the wealthiest people are those that had the most friends at school. Each extra school friend added 2% to the salar y").

For our college student readers, because of your proximity to one another, and the likelihood that if you’re reading our blog you’re connected to organized student groups who all congregate and interact with one another, it is likely that your social multiplier is even higher.

Here’s the point: Every time you choose to shake a hand, have a conversation, build a relationship (be Socially Excellent), you are expanding your potential circle of influence by a factor of nearly 150! That stranger walking by isn’t just one stranger — that’s 150 people that you could be connected with, that you could influence, that you could recruit, that you could learn from, that you could gather together around your cause.

So, choose to shake some hands today…