Multiply, Don’t Add

by Matt Mattson

calculator_multiply_key "I really hope we get to total this year," said way too many sorority women.

"Recruit at least one person to replace yourself," said some alumnus when I was an undergraduate fraternity man.

"Let’s try to get at least the same size new member class as we got last year," said far too many Greek members.

These quotes are all small-minded.  They’re based in a mentality of "addition" as opposed to the real potential that recruitment has — "multiplication."

If you see recruitment as "adding enough people to make up for the ones we lost," or "getting enough new members to keep us as good as we are," then you’re destined for mediocrity.

If you see recruitment as an opportunity to multiply the impact you have on the world by strategically seeking out high quality people (new members who are even better than you) to dramatically advance your organization’s cause… then you have a chance for exponential results.

Multiply with your recruitment strategy this fall. Don’t simply add.