Most Ridiculous Sorority Recruitment Frills

Recruitment Frills

By: Jessica Gendron 

We are looking for the MOST RIDICULOUS SORORITY RECRUITMENT FRILLS to use in a Top Ten List we are creating. If you have examples of ridiculous, weird, unusual, or random things that your chapter, a chapter on your campus, or some other sorority does during sorority recruitment, let us know!

All we need is a brief description of what it is or what is done that is frilly, glitzy, glam-ish, unnecessary, or ridiculous during recruitment. No need for names or schools or chapters, JUST the activity or thing. You can email your examples to or post it on the Facebook Group, Recruitment Ideas and Success Stories, discussion group entitled “Most Ridiculous Sorority Recruitment Frills.

Just remember, the purpose of this activity is to acknowledge the weird and/or strange things we do during sorority recruitment (it's okay to laugh at ourselves) so that other chapters or sororities DON't make the same mistake! We also hope to provide a response to the TOP TEN MOST RIDICULOUS SORORITY RECRUITMENT FRILLS on how to change the activity to be less intimidating and strange, but still achieve the intended outcome.

Once we get plenty of submissions we will post the Top Ten List and provide responses. Can't wait to see what we get!

Here is an example to get us started:

*This one chapter has T-Shirts that correspond in color to the drinks they are serving at that specific day's parties.

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