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MGCA Article (and Get Ready for Regionals!)

Matt Mattson

As the Spring approaches for fraternity and sorority leaders, the best of the best start thinking about gathering with their peers at fancy hotels to network and learn together during regional Greek leadership conferences.

Have you never been to MGCA, NGLA, SEIFC, SEPC, WRGLC, SGLC? If you don’t know what those letters stand for, be sure to ask a Fraternity/Sorority Professional near you, or check out the links below. Those regional conferences can be an awesome way to get some of the best recruitment and leadership training available in the country for Greeks. Plus, Phired Up will be represented at MGCA, NGLA, and WRGLC this year!

But before you check out those conferences, check out the great articles in MGCA CONNECTIONS, the newsletter of the Mid-American Greek Council Association. Phired Up is featured in an article alongside several other great articles about recruitment for both fraternities and sororities. Enjoy!

Plan to attend the regional conference near you:

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