Marlon Gibson Lost 240 Lbs (Is There a Recruitment Lesson There?)

by Josh Orendi

Marlon Gibson is a big name in the fraternity/sorority world. He is currently at Georgia State and has been serving the fraternal movement for a long time. Marlon used to be a big man, literally. Today he is not only a dedicated advocate for Greek Life but he is an inspiration to thousands after losing 240 lbs!  Here is his story: READ THIS .

Three lessons were shouting at me from this great article:

1. Marlon partnered with a COACH to walk the long journey with him.  That is what all championship teams and top performers do to become their very best.

2. Marlon did nottry to "rush" the weight off in 2 weeks. He eliminated nearly 250 lbs in 30 months by making DAILY choices. He uses words like "religiously … lifestyle … new me" to describe HOW he did it.

3. Marlon started with a powerful WHY. The love he has for his wife and desire to raise a family with her created a turning point and fuels his daily commitment.

- Do you have a recruitment coach ?
- Do you have a daily routine … a recruitment system ?
- Do you know your recruitment WHY ?

These are questions that drive real, sustainable change. That is true for individuals with big life goals (like Marlon) and its true for organizations that want to get bigger to do more good. Whether its time to grow or time to shrink, today is the best day to get started.

*Special thanks to Marlon for giving us permission to share this story and the lessons found within. Fun note: The coach who works with Marlon is another fraternal friend who used to do fraternity expansion for Sigma Phi Epsilon.