by Matt Mattson

I watched this video the other day (it’s not about taking pictures of girls on a beach, I assure you).

Do I make my life count?  Do I matter?  Do I make the momentary choices every day that add up to a life that "counts"?  Do I have great stories to tell like these guys?  Do I live life fully?  Do I engage with the people and the world around me? These are big questions that this video stirred inside me.  I realize this is a Nike ad, but it moved me.

Those questions about making it count are why I do what I do for a living.  The work we do to teach Social Excellence is so much about helping people create fuller, richer, more fulfilling lives that MATTER.

Those questions are really what our BE THE PERSON 2012 event is all about (there’s still time to register ).  We’re bringing people together in Chicago in a couple of weeks to help them find a way to MATTER to the world.  We’re brining people together to help them do things that COUNT!  We want to challenge people to make bold every day choices, to create the world they envision, to inspire others to follow them because of deep emotional connection.

It isn’t every day that Nike gives you a big bag of money to travel around the world.  But it is every day that you have the choice to engage with people.  Say "YES" to every day adventures . Get out of the middleLook up at the world around you. Create a life full of amazing stories populated by the enchanting characters you encounter every day. Be Social. Be Excellent

#BeThePerson  #MakeItCount