Magic Recruitment Potion

by Matt Mattson

starbucks-cupThe best recruiters in the world… the individuals who are the best in the world at influencing others to become a part of their cause…  these people know that there is a magic recruitment potion that works like no other.  This mystical elixir can bring people together in powerful ways.  The supernatural sauce of which I speak is, of course…


The recruitment benefits of coffee are numerous… It makes you more alert and cheerful.  It warms you up and brings comfort and confidence.  It gives your hands something to hold so they’re not all awkward and dangly.  It makes people happy when you buy them one.  It gives you something to invite acquaintances to share with you so that you can get to know them better.  It is served in coffee shops which are built for small conversations.  It provides a topic of conversation (“You like a triple venti half-caf extra-hot soy caramel macchiato too?!?”)  You can drink it all day long (with a new friend every 20 minutes).  It makes you funnier, but not too funny like vodka.  The scent of coffee is aromatherapy for friendships.

So invite someone to coffee today.  In fact, invite 10 people to coffee today.  Can you have 5 coffee-related 1-on-1 meetings this week?  Can you buy a stranger in line at the coffee shop their drink of choice and engage them in a powerful conversation?  Can you perk yourself up with a quad espresso right now and then go shake the hands of 43 strangers?  Drink up!

[I'm on cup #5.  This may be a sign of a mild addiction.  COFFEE IS THE SWEET NECTAR OF HEAVEN! ]